Practice Schedules

Very important:- please see notes below regarding the usage of the fields, abbreviations for fields, requests for more space, and important guidelines and SHS blackout days affecting practice.


  • FC Somers and all SYSO sports use the fields at the pleasure of SYSO, Town of Somers Parks & Recreation and Somers Central School District.  Use can be restricted if sports fail to uphold the schedules, allocations, and rules of the facilities.  Please be respectful of the equipment, fields and ensure that all garbage is tidied up after use.
  • Soccer fields are shared with AYSO, the allocation of practice slots have taken into account any AYSO practice allocations.
  • All portable goals must be removed from fields and locked up by the last team leaving the field – no excuses.  You will know if you are last by checking the schedule.  You must weight portable goals with sandbags prior to use.
  • If using SHS Turf fields do not anchor any equipment with spikes (use sandbags).  Use of spiked corner flags, training poles, or goal anchors is forbidden.
  • If you need to switch a practice to another day/time consult the practice schedule (above), and the time that we have access to each field (below) before suggesting the change and getting approval.  Do not go to any field with out clearing it with Frank Riina ( or Helen Brady ( prior.
  • To reduce overuse damage to grass fields please practice and set up portable goals in a different location on the field each week. If possible, practice outside the field of play also.  Parents should not set up chairs on the field of play.
  • Report any broken or missing equipment (inc.  sandbags), and field damage (grubs, excessive wear) etc to Frank Riina (

URL (R7): Upper Reis Left.

URR (R5): Upper Reis Right.

URC (R6) : Upper Reis Center.    Please avoid using the goal area nearest the car park during practice to reduce wear.

Van Tassel (VT2):   Please avoid using the goal area nearest the car park during practice to reduce wear.

SHS 1 : Stadium Turf – we do not have access to this field in the fall.

SHS 2 : Multi-use Turf – this field is available for practice between the hours of 6:00pm – dark – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.   Teams cannot take the field until Somers High School teams have completed their practice, keep in mind that occasionally varsity practice  can run until 6:30pm, if that is the case warm-up adjacent to the field.

Fall Blackout dates affecting practice days:

  • Thursday, 10/6, Upper Reis 6 p.m. on, Rain Date Saturday October 8
  • Friday, 9/23 all day & Saturday, 9/24 until 2pm,  SHS not available  (Homecoming)