Health & Safety

The health and safety of players is of utmost importance to the Club.

SYSO Health & Safety


Under the directive of US Soccer (SSF), US Club Soccer and Westchester Youth Soccer League we follow these guidelines:

HEADING: Deliberate heading will be prohibited in all divisions U11 and younger. When a player participating in one of these divisions deliberately heads the ball in a game, the referee should stop play and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team from the spot where the heading took place (with modifications set forth in the rules when the heading takes place inside the goal area (or penalty area in U8 divisions)). The rules also prohibit heading by any players younger than 11 playing in divisions U12 and older.

CONCUSSION AWARENESS:  All team officials much complete a CDC certificate program.  Parents are required to review and familiarize themselves with the CDC guidelines.  These guidelines should also be shared and discussed by parents with players.



FC Somers Guide to Nutrition & Hydration.

Kendrick Fincher Memorial Foundation guides to Beat The Heat and Beehydrated are excellent resources for parents and coaches regarding hydration and athletics.


Injuries  Players are covered by insurance through US Club Soccer/WYSL.  If a player receives an injury during a game/practice that may require medical treatment please read and complete the Advance Notice of Injury documentation.

CPR/AED  With the assistance of SYSO each team has a minimum of one parent CPR and AED certified.  SYSO have located a number locked AED’s in various locations in Somers, each team has a key to the AED box.

Pre-season Summer Workout  Pre-season summer workout ages 13+


Coaches Guide to Lightning Safety

Coaches/Trainers are required to check fields and equipment prior to practice and games.  If you see any unsafe field or equipment please contact us.


All FC Somers officials complete background checks in accordance with requirements set out by US Club Soccer, US Youth Soccer, Westchester Youth Soccer League and Somers Youth Sports Organization.