Registration & Fees

2022/2023 Registration Fees are due at time of registration – $295 (fall and spring combined) for Somers residents / $345 for non-residents. This fee comprises Club Fees, and is payable by credit card and is non-refundable.  Team fees will be advised by your team manager and will payable at a later date.  Account credits will be applied to team fees, not registration fees.If registration is closed, contact

CLUB FEES  This is the cost of running the club.  Westchester Youth Soccer League (or equivalent) competition (up to 10 games per season, 20 games a year); Referee fees; Insurance; Scholarships; Equipment; Skills & Goalkeeper Training; Tryout costs; SYSO fees for AEDs and CPR classes for coaches; Club & other SYSO administration fees.  Fees are payable online by credit card.  Uniforms are at an extra cost and are available through Kapps Wide World of Soccer in Mamaroneck.

TEAM FEES   In addition to club fees there is a team fee. This is dependent upon the trainer cost, number of tournaments attended, number of additional games played (state cup, premier, US Club registration, etc.), equipment purchases, indoor space rental, etc.  Your team manager/treasurer will advise on your team fees.

PLAYER SCHOLARSHIPS  We offer registration and team fee scholarships to players on a case by case basis. Please advise your team manager or coach if you are in need of financial assistance, or contact the Club President.  This information is required during the registration process.

If you require additional information, please contact us.