Grants & Matching Funds

Did you know that many organizations have foundations that are proud to support their employees’ volunteering efforts? Check with your employer today.

Volunteer Grants    Typically, if you volunteer a defined number of hours to an eligible charitable organization you can apply for a volunteer grant that is awarded to the nonprofit where you volunteer.  As a member of Somers Youth Sports Organization (SYSO), a 501(c)3 non-profit, FC Somers is an eligible charitable organization.  Companies we know that offer this program include: IBM, UBS, GE, Verizon and MBIA.

Matching Funds   Organizations, such as the PepsiCo Foundation and IBM matches associates’ personal contributions made to eligible nonprofit organizations and sometimes provides a double match where associates are involved as volunteers.

We can provide you with all the necessary documentation for your employer, and when received your volunteer grant/matching funds will be used to support your childs team.