Schedules and facilities

WYSL Game Schedule for Sunday league games.
EDP Game Schedule


Failure to follow the terms could result in FC Somers being denied field allocation by SYSO through the permits they received from Somers Central School District and the Town of Somers Parks & Recreation Department, or having them revoked for specific teams that simply ignore them.

  • Do not practice or play on any field unless you have received express approval to do so by a member of the board of the club.
  • If you move any equipment onto the field (goals) they must be moved of at the end of the practice/game. No equipment should be on the field of play when the last team leaves.
  • Advise issues with fields/equipment to Ben Williams immediately – ripped nets, turf issues, missing sand bags, etc.
  • Remove all garbage (water bottles) left behind by players, carry out or place in the garbage bins provided.
  • If there is ANY thunder or lightning you must leave the fields immediately. You cannot return to the field until 30 minutes after the last rumble of the thunder or flash of lightning. Rule of thumb – cancel the practice and go home if there is thunder or lightning. If you are on the field during a game the referee is in charge of the decision of when to return to the field.
  • Players must use the bathrooms provided.
  • No dogs are allowed at any fields.
  • To reduce overuse damage to grass fields please practice and set up portable goals in a different location on the field each week. If possible, practice outside the field of play also.  Parents should not set up chairs on the field of play.
  • All portable goals must be removed from fields and locked up by the last team leaving the field – no excuses.  You will know if you are last by checking the schedule.  You must weight portable goals with sandbags prior to use.


  • Unless otherwise advised we only have use of Turf 2 at SHS.
  • High school (HS) teams take precedence over our teams at all times.
  • Do not take the field until high school practices/games are over.
  • Be prepared for HS games and practices to run-over, they always do.
  • Teams should wait to take the fields in the following locations: Turf 2: on the blacktop area in front of turf 2 (basketball hoops).
  • Teams should be respectful of all players/teams as they wait to take the field, and they should not be distracting to games and practices taking place.
  • Teams need to give HS teams and coaches time to walk off the field, they should not rush the field the second the game is over.
  • A respectful distance should be given to HS teams as they debrief after the game.
  • If you move any equipment onto the field (goals) they must be moved of at the end of the practice/game. No equipment should be on the field of play when the last team leaves, including lax goals.
  • Do not anchor any equipment with spikes (use sandbags).  Use of spiked corner flags, training poles, or goal anchors is forbidden.
  • Goals must weighted with sandbags prior to use.

Note: If you need to switch a practice to another day/time consult the practice schedule, and the time that we have access to each field (below) before suggesting the change and getting approval.  Do not go to any field with out clearing it with Ben Williams prior.


UR Diagonal (R2): Diagonal field beside the Pavilion in Reis Park.

URL (R5): Upper Reis Left.

URR (R7): Upper Reis Right.

URC (R6) : Upper Reis Center.    Please avoid using the goal area nearest the car park during practice to reduce wear.

Van Tassel (VT2):   Please avoid using the goal area nearest the car park during practice to reduce wear.

SHS 1 : Stadium Turf – we do not have access to this field in the fall.

SHS 2 : Multi-use Turf – this field is available for practice between the hours of 6:00pm – dark – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.   Teams cannot take the field until Somers High School teams have completed their practice, keep in mind that occasionally varsity practice  can run until 6:30pm, if that is the case warm-up adjacent to the field.

Spring Blackout dates affecting practice/game days:

  • Parks & Rec Blackout Dates/Notes
  • School Blackout Dates/Notes


Venue:  Carmel Sports, 111 Old Route 6, Carmel, NY

Start Date: December 2022

End Date: April 2023