2022/2023 Teams

Eastern Development Program (EDP) – National League

  • B2004 Arsenal
  • B2006 Red Bulls
  • B2007 Spartans
  • B2008 Villa
  • G2008 Lady Hammers
  • G2009 Shamrocks
  • G2010 Celtic

Eastern Development Program (EDP)

  • B2009 Liverpool
  • G2011 Sunderland
  • G2013 Roma

Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL)

  • B2010 Millwall
  • G2011 Rovers
  • B2011/12 City
  • G2012 Lady Leeds
  • B2013 Everton
  • G2013 Newcastle
  • B2014 Chelsea
  • G2014 Inter

Our boys and girls teams are formed at U8 as a result of our U8 Academy Program, and they compete in the spring playing up at U9. All players participate in tryouts in May, to form teams for the upcoming Fall/Spring seasons.

As teams and players strengthen and enhance their skills, depending on a team’s ability and desire, additional playing and training opportunities open up, such as in-season tournaments, State Cups, summer tournament series, and progression to premier level and national level team play.

We encourage players to participate in soccer camps over the summer months.